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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is very simply the power of place. We strongly believe in the philosophy that your surroundings affect how you feel, think, and move throughout your day. There are many benefits to Feng Shui for both work and home environments:

At the Office

  • greater productivity
  • lower staff turnover
    and absenteeism
  • enhanced creativity
  • better staff motivation
  • improved cooperation
    and commitment
  • fewer conflicts

At Home

  • enhanced personal
  • improved health
  • greater ability for
    children to study
  • reduced stress
  • increased comfort in home
  • improved sleep quality







Feng Shui History

Feng Shui draws on Taoism, a philosophy that shows the way between man and the tendency or the course of the natural world. It evolved in China through several millennia, developing in various schools and sects.

One such school is Pyramid Feng Shui. It’s a contemporary western adaptation that integrates biology, psychology, cultural anthropology, physics, and other environmental factors to assess how an individual experiences his or her environment.

Feng Shui Services

We can come into your office or home and help develop a plan that accomplishes your goals, whether to encourage creativity in your board room or peaceful sleeping in your bedroom. Let us help you take the first step toward positive living.